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Hooply Locks & Handles


We are UK stockists for Hooply locks and handles.


Hooply locks and handles are used worldwide and often fitted to steel security doors, shipping and storage containers.

Hooply Locks
Hooply Locks

A specialist lockcase designed for use on metal doors. Commonly found on steel security doors and containers.

Backset: 60mm

Centers: 68mm

Hooply Handle.jpg
Hooply Handles

A unique handle designed to work with the Hooply lock.

Please note the handle will be round bar design rather than the design shown.

Hooply Handing Diagram
Handing Hooply products

Hooply handles are supplied in either left or right hand. Please click on the image to see how the handing of Hooply handles is worked out. If you are unsure, please feel free to ask.

Hoopy locks are reversible.

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